POSTER CARL_FAIA- Teaching Sonic Arts: Learning Collaboration

Teaching Sonic Arts: Learning Collaboration

To teach at university in the UK,  you have to be a qualified Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). There are a number of requirements to be qualified, and I completed them a few years ago. Here is one I actually enjoyed doing (inferring that there are others I did not), and would like do more with when time permits…


This paper reflects on the personal and professional experience in co-leading an electro-acoustic composition course in Art Zoyd Studios, a professional studio environment in Valenciennes, France for the last nine years. Considering how this has involved collaborative teaching and teaching collaboration to students, I contrast the terms real world and academia (n.b. neither are meant to be pejorative or mutually exclusive in this project). There is an attempt to scale this successful experience into HE particularly within the context of the Brunel School of Arts Music Subject.

Keywords: PDAP, collaboration, collaborative teaching, co-teaching, co-learning,  music composition, real world, academia

The paper is here -> Collaborative Teaching-Teaching Collaboration- Reflections on a Method

Written by : Carl Faia